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What Is AeroBarrier?

The Future of Home & Building Air Sealing Is Here

Building upon proven technology invented by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) over 20 years ago, AeroBarrier is a cutting-edge, envelope sealing system that simultaneously measures and seals building envelope air leaks.

AeroBarrier is a convenient, cost-effective approach that seals homes in less than 3 hours and provides verification that the air-tightness requirement has been achieved.

AeroBarrier is GREENGUARD certified. This means it contains no harmful or toxic chemicals.

The AeroBarrier application includes a solution that is sprayed into the building area, it then conjugates and seals holes as small as a hair follicle. The sealing process is controlled by computer, and shows the sealing results in real-time.


Our Advantages Include:

Fast and friendly service

Free, timely estimates

Competitive rates

Green-Energy focused

Every job is customized

Professional, on-time workmanship

Clean job sites

Insulation Solutions Is the First AeroBarrier Provider In Northern California

AeroBarrier Is Changing the Way Homes Are Insulated and Built with:

Consistently tighter building envelopes

Verified and documented results

A single process

Significant time savings

Innovative, Award Winning Building Product

Why AeroBarrier?

More stringent ICC code changes are forcing builders to change the way they build their homes.

Insulation Solutions in Northern California recognized the code change trend and is now perfectly positioned to offer AeroBarrier exclusively to builders and home owners in Northern California.


How AeroBarrier Works

Step One

Prepare house for sealing. Cover all large openings (drains, bathroom vents, etc.) and horizonal surfaces, set up sealing equipment, and pressurize home.


Step Two

Start the sealing process and begin to aerosolize the sealant. Air currents will transport & deposit sealant particles along the leaks throughout the space.


Step Three

The software regulates the entire process; controlling all parameters, monitoring the sealing, recording all data, and verifying air-tightness target is achieved.

Completed In 2-3 Hours

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