Insulation That's Safe For You & The Environment:
Insulation Solutions uses innovative insulation products that are safe for you and the environment you live in. Utilizing indoor air quality certified products.

The 'Building Envelope':
The building envelope, also known as the building shell, is the separation between the interior and the exterior environments and protects the occupants of the building from the outdoors.

A good building envelope is one that allows occupants to create and maintain good quality indoor environment that is often very different from that outside.

Insulation Solutions helps to create a good quality indoor environment using custom insulation systems as hybrid insulation system.

Agriculture based expanding foam open cell and close cell, used in conjunction with traditional insulation or blown in blanket system will create an air-tight seal that reduces air filtration, creating a healthier and more comfortable environment.

Environment Benefits:
There are all types of insulation products that can be considered green if it is installed correctly in the proper areas of your building. What is greener than conserving today's energy for tomorrow's generations?

The Green-Savings Benefits of Proper Insulation:
Insulation is also a great way to reduce unwanted sound. It's the most cost-effective way to provide a healthier, comfortable and quiet living environment. It can also qualify your home for rebates from PG&E, making the potential savings even greater. So while insulation is keeping you comfortable, it will also increase your resale value of your home. Insulation Solutions also offers unique insulation solutions for your home.

Some of the "Green" Materials we utilize:
• Cotton Insulation-High recycle content, install Formaldehyde free, no special tools or equipment to install. Can be difficult to fit into odd spaces.

• Cellulose-High recycle content, no itch install, natural additives give it its fire resistant values and deter rodents. Need special blowing machine to install.

• Agricultural Bases Expanding Spray Foams-Agricultural additives, high quality air control values, closed cell provides a vapor barrier, great for those difficult to insulate areas, may be used in conjunction with above products. Requires specialty equipment and comprehensive training to install.